Returning to the Wild

We admire animals for their mindfulness, ingenuity, bravery, and resilience, yet we fail to find these qualities in our own lives. Instead, we feel increasingly trapped, tamed, and domesticated. While we associate the word “wild” with illogical or risky behavior, wild animals don’t pointlessly stress, hate, lust, kill, or lament. They aren’t caught up in the past or distracted by the future. They live in ways that directly address their psychological needs, which we, as humans, too often fail to meet. We needlessly suffer because we’ve forgotten the simple things that make us happy. Fortunately, we each have the power to change - to return to the wild.

Presence, connection, adventure, and freedom are four qualities that are abundant in nature yet somehow lost to us. Through parallels with the animal kingdom, Feral encourages us to reflect on our lives so we can regain our feelings of joy and fulfillment. A story told through a mix of parables, personal anecdotes, and social science, Feral clears the path to what’s always been at the center of our desires: Happiness. 

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